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Lunglei District Internet Operators

Operator / Contact Numner

Areas Covered

Lalat Internet Service, ZOEN Lalremruata Zadeng - 9436386143

Electric Veng, Chanmari- I, Chanmari- II, Chanmari- III Chanmari, Vengthlang, Farm Veng, Ramthar, Salem
Lunglawn, Zotlang

LDF Cable Network PC Lalramnghaka - 9862611454

Sethlun, Theiriat, Luangmual, Zobawk, Pukpui

Mawitea - 6009413620

Hrangchalkawn, Lungpuizawl

4 Bros Internet Service Chawngrolura - 8730919315

Venglai, Rahsiveng, College Veng, Venghlun, Bazar Veng, Zohnuai, Serkawn

RZ Internet Service C. Zothanpuia - 8413896959

Tlabung, Diblibagh

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Lalat Internet Service Pvt. Ltd. U-63, Lalat Tower, Upper Bazar, Dawrpui, Aizawl-796001, Mizoram.


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